Razor Bluff — California

Materializing the immaterial

Earth Fire Water — California

More intuitive than intellectual

C Bluff — California

Strive for an architecture of clarity and vigor

Cascade — Utah

Natural light is a crucial element in my designs

City House — California

Never-ending space

Ocean Point — California

Between sea and sky

Aperture — California

One-of-a-kind sculptures that people live in

Seaview — California

Focused on the view of the ocean on a particular s

Promontory — California

Interpreting the landscape through architecture

Crescent — California

Walk in the sky
Completed August 2012

Cabin — California

A snow mound in pine trees

Wing House — California

Two intersecting curves echoing its canyon site

Ray — California

A dynamic view of courtyard and glass

Brush Stroke — California

A glass pavilion in a garden

Velocity — Arizona

A writer's retreat


The concepts of spirituality and motion are integral to my work. Try to tap into the psyche with unexpected manipulations of form and light, which are intended to be as sculptural as they are architectural.  Natural light is a crucial element in my designs and is used to define, fragment, and animate space. The environment is a primary source of inspiration and a driving force as well.  Nature is not static, nor should be the efforts of man. Dealing with spaces as solids in a design causes the building to become extremely confined, static, and without spirit. Open up a struck true to sky, landscape, and view, and the building becomes alive. Create an unconfined space and your soul will have a place to go.


Wallace was born in Western Pennsylvania and spent his youth in Buffalo, New York, where he attended Hutchinson Central Technical High School for Architecture. Wallace then attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and went on to study at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. He started his architecture practice in 1978. He received a design award in 2003 from the International Academy of Architecture. In 2004 and 2007, he was named one of the Top 100 Designers by Architectural Digest, and In 2007 was named one of the Top 10 Designers by Robb Report.