Materializing the Immaterial:  The Architecture of Wallace Cunningham, June 6 – July 18, 2009
Westweek 2009. Panel Discussion.   “Architectural Digest Keynote Panel: The Business of Architecture.”  March 26, 2009.
Westweek 2009.  Talk.  “Interpreting Inspiration.”  March 25, 2009.
University of Hawaii. Lecture. “3 Organic Architects.” March 7, 2009.
GA Gallery (Global Architecture).  Exhibit.  Tokyo, Japan.  March 22, through May 25, 2008.
Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.  Lecture.  January 2008.
GA Gallery (Global Architecture).  Exhibit.  Tokyo, Japan.  March 24, through May 27, 2007.
GA Gallery (Global Architecture).   Exhibit. Tokyo, Japan.  March 25, through May 21, 2006.
Santa Ana College Art Forum.   Lecture.  Contemporary Issues in Art & Architecture. September 2003
HGTV.  Nancy Glass Productions.   “Top 10 Most Amazing Homes” Wing House.  August 2003.
KPBS Radio. “The Lounge” Sutro.  Architecture as it Relates to Music & Art.  August 2003.
KPBS Radio. “The Lounge” Sutro.  The Influence of Japanese Culture on American Architecture.  March & July 2003.
GA Gallery (Global Architecture). Exhibit. Tokyo, Japan.  April 20, through July 2, 2002.
San Diego Home/Garden “Talk With Tricia” Radio Show, KCBQ 1170 AM, February 3, 2002.
Flux Gallery “Rock Paper Scissors” – An Exhibition of Architectural Art. , San Diego, CA. January 12, 2001 through February 23, 2001.
GA Gallery (Global Architecture).   Exhibit. Tokyo, Japan. March 11, 2000, through April 9, 2000.
American Institute of Architecture (AIA).   Lecture. Del Mar, CA.  May 26, 1999.
Taliesin West.   Lecture.  Taliesin Apprentice Lecture Series.  Scottsdale, AZ.  March 5, 1999.
San Bernardino Valley College.   KVCR TV Taping.  San Bernardino, CA. December 15, 1998.
Museum of Architecture. Exhibit & Lecture. “Houses” San Juan Capistrano, CA. November 1998 through January 1999.
University of California at San Diego.   Exhibition and Tour.  “Eight on the Edge.”  April 24, 1998.
The Schindler House.   Exhibit.  Hollywood, CA.  November 8, 1991 through February 9, 1992.
Oasis.   Lecture.  San Diego, CA.  October 2, 1991.
Athenaeum.   Exhibit.  “Architecture as Art.”  La Jolla, CA.  July 2, 1991.
Athenaeum.   Lecture.  Music and Arts Library.  La Jolla, CA.  July 19, 1991.
San Diego Mesa College.   Exhibit.  Mesa College Art Gallery.  May 8, 1991 through August 8, 1991.
San Diego Mesa College.   Lecture.  “Environmental Design and Theory.”  San Diego, CA.  May 7, 1991.
San Diego Mesa College Home Tours for Vocational Class.  San Diego, CA.  October 10, 1990.
San Diego Museum of Art.   Gallery Talk.  “Capturing the Spirit of the Age.”  August 16, 1990.
Gamble House.   Lecture.  Pasadena, CA.  May 3, 1990.
University of California San Diego Extension.   Lecture. April 7, 1989.
New School of Architecture.   Architectural Lecture Series.  San Diego, CA.  May 13, 1988.
New School of Architecture.   Exhibit.  San Diego, CA.  October 16, 1987.
La Jolla Women’s Club.   Exhibit.  La Jolla, CA.  April 10, 1986.
The Schindler House.   “Thrive.”  Hollywood, CA.  January 10, 1986 through March 8, 1986.
International Gallery.   “Architecture:  Continuing Dialogue.”  San Diego, CA.  November 5, 1985.
Pierce College.   “Works of Innovation in Architecture.”  Thousands Oaks, CA.  February 20, 1985.
San Diego State University.   Lecture.  “My Work.”  May 17, 1984.
La Jolla Chamber Music Society.   Tour.  “Wing House.”  Rancho Santa Fe, CA.  June 1982.