Wallace’s ‘Razor’ House the inspiration for Iron Man/Tony Stark’s Mansion

Found along the steep and jagged coast of La Jolla, California, the “Razor House” mansion, named after its proximity to Razor Point, was designed by modernist architect Wallace E. Cunningham in 2007. The 11,000 square foot, three-story complex of white concrete, stainless steel, and glass overlooking the ocean was a perfect fit for a rich (image-conscious) billionaire like Tony Stark. The actual house was not fully completed until 2011, although the interiors were used for the interiors of Tony Stark’s original mansion/base in the Iron Man movie trilogy. The home would make movie history, as the backdrop to the first Iron Man suit’s construction, Tony’s armored duel with War Machine, and more before its destruction. Well, its MCU counterpart was destroyed… but the actual Razor House sold for an impressive $20.8 million.
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The Razor House is a one-of-a-kind architectural masterpiece located in La Jolla, California, seated cliffside amongst California’s Torrey Pines State Park.
This unique estate was designed by one of Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Designers, Wallace E. Cunningham; his design vision and inspiration transpired into the definition of modern luxury and natural elegance. When Cunningham was designing the home, one of the primary objectives was to capture the view in a large sweep while simultaneously extending the usable spaces. Razor’s cantilevered design offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

This modern estate was named after one of the local natural monuments, Razor Point, which is fitting as the property truly pays homage to the spectacular surrounding landscape. The residence is located near Torrey Pines Golf Course, Del Mar Racetrack and the La Jolla Playhouse.
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